About Us

We are a family run business.  Jim Quaschnick is the owner and lead photographer.  His wife, Ruth, the office manger.   Jim has been a professional photographer since 1985. Through his freelance sports photography business he has covered many professional sports events over the years.  His work has appeared in numerous publications including; Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, Swim Magazine, ESPN the magazine as well as appearing within books, video games, newspapers, and more.    Additionally, through his passion for fine art nature & wildlife photography his work is hanging in several prominent private and public collections.  Some of his work can be found here

Pro Shots was created originally as “All Action Shots” in 2004.  The name was appropriate early on since only action images from events were offered, however this changed rather quickly as people saw the quality of our work and approached us to fill the void in quality T&I, (team and individual) photography that they needed for their sports leagues and clubs.    The amount of our T&I work increased rapidly, some years later we decided the name “All Actions Shots” was no longer appropriate for what we did, so in 2013 “Pro Shots” was born.  We still offer all of the same high quality products and services we always have, while always continuing to expand the sports photography market with new and innovative products and services.

We use only top of the line “professional” series equipment, never consumer or prosumer grade gear like many of our competitors.  This gives us a big advantage in terms of a delivering higher quality images, as well as consistency, durability and the flexibility of the types of events and conditions we can shoot in.