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You Are Only A High School Senior Once

Senior portraits are a once in a lifetime event and we know it. We want your senior pictures to be unique, creative and anything but ordinary.

Senior Portrait Details

Our Senior Portrait Experience is designed to create a very personalized photo session.  We strive to create unique senior portraits that are artistic, creative, bring out your personality and celebrate what makes YOU special.

The Planning Session

Before your Senior Portrait Experience we will discuss your shoot with you and at least one of your parents.  This will allow us to get to know you and hear about the ideas you may have for your shoot.  We want to know about your senior’s interests, activities, accomplishments and any other things that we can work into the shoot to help make it as individualized as possible.

We’ll cover everything from locations, clothing, timing and any special concerns or requests you might have.  After we’re done, we will send you a copy of the plan for review and help you prepare for your photo shoot. The plan helps everyone involved stay on the same page and know what to expect.  If you see anything on the plan you’d like to change, no problem, just let us know.

Your Photo Shoot

Most of our Senior Portrait Experiences take place on location.  This will give you the widest variety of images to choose from and allows us to make use of many unique locations in the area.

Most of our senior shoots are 2-5 hours and usually take place in the late afternoon and early evening when the sun provides the most flattering light. We carefully plan your shoot to make the best use of the natural light at each location, minimize travel and keep you in front of the camera as much as possible.


We have many favorite locations  to choose from in and around the Fresno, Clovis, Madera area.  Back street urban, country settings, sports locations, or simple but attractive outdoor settings are just a few.  We always prefer to coordinate this with you in advance so the locations we decide on have meaning to you, you feel comfortable there, and it will help bring out your true self.  If you have locations in mind, please let us know during the planning session. We’ll always do our best to make it work for you.

Destinations are available as well such as the beach, mountains, etc.  Travel fees will apply.


This is something we will discuss prior to your shoot, but if YOU like it, bring it!

Bring lots of extra outfits and accessories!  We’ll go through your outfits before we start the shoot and discuss some different options and ideas for different locations.   We don’t put any limits on clothing changes, so the more you bring, the more we’ll have access to when we are shooting.  Point is, you don’t have to wear it all, just have access to it if the time presents itself.

Choosing & Ordering

A week or two after your Senior Portrait Experience, the wait is over…… you get to see your incredible images!   We will send you a link to your private online gallery.   There you will be able to view and select your images in the comfort of your own home.   You will have the ability to mark favorites and use our compare tool to help you make your selections.  There are no high pressure sales meetings to attend, you can purchase your images directly from you own personal online gallery.

Prints, Products & Packages

We are a full service studio offering photographic prints, wall decor, coffee table books, announcements and invitations, custom framing and one-of-a-kind art prints. Descriptions of our most popular products are available on our website.   Most clients purchase a wall-sized print, several gift-sized prints, wallets and a framed collage and/or coffee table book with their favorite images.  Prints are also sold  a la carte and in Collections.  Full resolution digital images are available as well.

Payment for your order is due in full at the time it is placed. Short term payment plans can also be made available in certain situations if pre-arranged.

Special Pricing
1 hour session
Private online photo gallery
Special Pricing
The Deluxe offers enough time to REALLY get creative. Time for several more locations, more elaborate lighting setups, more clothing changes, etc.
3 hour plus session
More time for different locations and outfit changes.
Creative sports or hobby session
Unlimited clothing changes
Private online photo gallery
Special Pricing
Up to 2 hour session
More time for different locations and outfit changes.
Creative sports or hobby session
Unlimited clothing changes
Private online photo gallery


The day after you finish your Junior year you become a Senior.  The first few months of Summer before of your Senior year is ideal.   Some wait until a few weeks before graduation (usually the guys), but this is not a good idea.  By booking early it gives you a much better chance to have them done exactly how and when you want without being rushed to “just get them done”.  Keep in mind, certain locations are better during certain times of the year.  If you want long dry brown country grass this is best anytime before October/November, after that….(unless it’s a very dry year) it probably won’t happen.  If you want wild flowers, January or February is best.  When in doubt, give us a call NOW to discuss.  We’ll help you figure out what time is best based on what you’d like to do.

Great! Give us a call (559-645-1558) or email (support@ProShots.com) and we’ll set up a time to discuss your day.

We typically choose the locations depending based on the style and look you are after.  Of course you can request a location but let’s chat and see what would suit you best.  Ultimately it’s all about you, so tell us all about you and let’s see where that takes us.  Feel free to email us photos of suggested locations, we love new places!

Of course!  Bring mom, dad, friend or anyone else who is important to you.  General rule is…bring whoever you need to make you the most comfortable and the most YOU.

We don’t like putting a lot of limitations on the amount of time we shoot and certainly don’t watch the clock.  We shoot until we get the shots we are after, or until we aren’t having fun anymore.  We usually shoot a minimum of 2 hours, and depending on the session you select, can and will go much longer.  If you have certain time constraints, please let us know prior to the session.

Of Course!!!   This is almost mandatory.  Send us pictures, either by text, email, pinterest, whatever….and let’s talk about them.  Tell us what you like about each.  This tells us a lot about your style and the direction you want to go, which is very helpful!  Once we get a sense of what you like, it will make it much easier to custom tailor your session just for you.

Yes, we have several options for retouching, including minor to severe acne, braces, tan lines, and more.  These options are made available when ordering.

Yes! As a matter of fact you do.  If you refer a friend and they book a session, you’ll automatically receive a credit for free stuff.  Ask us for details.

Get in touch to start planning your Senior Session with us Now!!!