Photo Gallery Access Codes

What they are & how to get yours

What They are

Photo Gallery Access Codes are used to create a private photo gallery for an athlete from an event.  Each time we photograph your athlete at a new event, we generate a NEW Access code.  This is what you will use to create your NEW photo gallery.  Each athlete has their own unique access code from that event.

To create your NEW photo gallery you will visit:

Select “Add Gallery”

Enter Access Code

This will create the NEW gallery, you will now be able to purchase your AdvancePay Credit.

Be sure to subscribe.

1-2 weeks after after Picture Day your athlete’s pictures will appear in this new gallery and you will get a notification via text and/or email that your pictures are now available to view and purchase.  You will only receive this notification if you subscribed.

How we send them

We send gallery Access Codes to every parent via text and/or email that we have information for. This is typically the parent that registered the athlete with the organization.

If you did not receive your access code for a picture day, please first check your SPAM box. If you still can not find the message from us, you may send us a request using the form below.