Full Service Approach

We Take Care of Everything

Our goal is to make picture day a fun experience for the kids, a quick & easy experience for the parents, and as simple a process for the program organizers as possible.


We’ll use your game schedule whenever possible to create picture times that are the most convenient for your players and their families.

Organized and On Time

Are you tired of picture day chaos and long waits? With Pro Shots, those nightmare picture days are a thing of the past. We know how to plan for and execute a smoothly running picture day. We provide plenty of friendly and knowledgably staff and keep things running smooth and on time all day.

We’ll Customize Our Services Based on Your Needs

Whether your league has a few hundred, or a few thousand athletes, photos to be done indoors or outdoors, at one location or multiple locations, we can accommodate. We’ll plan with you in advance to custom tailor your picture day based on YOUR needs.

We Are Fully Insured

We are fully-insured with both multi-million dollar liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage. Simply put…..Companies that aren’t adequately insured are putting YOUR organization at great risk if ANYTHING should happen.

Highest Quality Available

Say Goodbye to Those Usual Old Mug Shots.

Our images are more than just the usual picture day mug shots provided by most other companies. They are professional-quality sports portraits that players and their families will be proud to display and share with their friends and relatives.

Studio Style Lighting

Our lighting is “off-camera” studio style lighting. This approach offers consistency and speed while offering the absolute highest quality available. When shopping around for a photographer, make it a point to ask our competitors what type of lighting system they use. If they say (admit) that its on-camera flash, you’ve just found a great place to have your next mug shot or passport photo done.

Our Photographers

Our photographers are trained in creating great imagery. They love working with kids and help them feel comfortable while providing a friendly and fun experience.

Our Equipment

Our equipment is only professional series cameras and lenses.  Unlike most of our competitors, we don’t use cheaper consumer or “prosumer” type equipment.  The results provide much higher quality images and are far less likely to fail during a shoot.  In addition, we carry back up everything, and in most cases backups to our backups.  In the rare case something does fail onsite, we have plenty of backup equipment ready to go in an instant.  This means no delays or canceled picture days half way through due to failed equipment.

Quality Products Made to Last

Our papers and inks are rated at over 100 years without fading or color shifting.


We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products.


Largest Product Selection

We offer all the usual products your parents know and expect, plus many more unique and innovative products they will be thrilled to see.  Our product line is expanding all the time, adding many new items every year!!

Personalized Player Products

Many of our products are personalized with your players’ name, league name and more. Trading cards feature many of the player’s stats – just like the “Pro” cards.

Customized League Products

We can customize our products with your league’s logo or special graphics. Customizing for sponsor or school names is also available. Give us a call to discuss your needs.

Online Ordering

Your parents will have the ability to order more anytime through our web site, they love having this option and their relatives do too!

Products Displayed on Picture Day

Most of our products are displayed on picture day for your parents to see in person before ordering.

Turnaround & Delivery

Fast Turnaround

Your player’s pictures will be ready to view from our web site and mobile app within just a few days of picture day.

All orders will be processed and shipped directly to each parent’s doorstep within just 1-3 business days of their order being placed.

Delivery Options for League-Wide Purchases

MAIL TO COACH: For leagues purchasing a team print for every player, we have the option to ship each team’s prints directly to each head coach, making distribution for the league easy.

Contact us today to discuss your picture day needs