Los Banos Tiger Sharks Picture Day Signup 2024

Los Banos Tiger Sharks
Picture Day

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Monday June 3rd 2024

Pacheco High School Pool
Time: Personal Appointment Times (see below)

Starting at 5:00 PM

Every athlete will need their OWN Individual session time.
Buddy Shot Sessions require their OWN session time.
(Example: If you have 2 athletes and 1 buddy shot session, you will need 3 different time slots.)

Important – Please read before signing up.

When Booking a:

Individual Athlete Session Time:

Have you purchased your $15 AdvancePay Credit from your Athlete’s gallery?   If not, return to instructions page to purchase.
You will be asked for your AdvancePay receipt number  on the next page. – (begins with the letters “AP” Example: APzz12345678)

Buddy Shot Session Time:

If you would like to do Bubby Shot,  you will need to make an appointment time for it.  This would be a separate time from your individual session, however it’s possible to book them back to back.
There is a $14 session fee due at the time of the session payable at our booth. 

If you do not have Your AdvancePay Receipt Number(s) go back to the page and follow the purchasing instructions:

Picture Day Instructions Page


Signing up for an individual spot without a valid AdvancePay Receipt Number will forfeit that spot.


Every 2 template starting at 5